Kibuli Nursery School

To produce a pupil is who is mentally alert, spiritually and modeled and physically fit.


To be a model nursery school in Uganda

Kibuli Nursery School seeks to be the best

The school was started in January 1979 and registered in 1981 by the Kibuli Muslim community. The school is mixed for boys and girls and accepts learners from all religious denominations. Mariam Mwanje, headmistress and secretary to the board said their activities include teaching both secular and Islamic studies. "When teaching secular studies we follow the learning framework as recommended by the Ministry of Education and Sports," Mwanje said.

“On the religious side we are still borrowing ideas from the curriculum made by the madarasa resource enter. In this area we still face a problem of sheikhs who find it hard to handle nursery children as expected in regards to Quran recitation,” Mwanje added. The school's activities include games, music, dance, entertainment and reading story books. The future plans of the school are many. These include sending the present sheikhs for training as regards to teaching nursery children. They want to expand the school premises to accommodate a larger number of pupils. They want a bigger play area for children.

They seek to introduce a day care center program, building staff quarters and acquiring a school van that can pick up learners who come from long distances. The school today has 132 pupils about half of who are girls. The school has produecd many prominent people one of whom is Prince Khalifan Lukanga Kakungulu.